Wednesday, August 27, 2014

God is Present even in Computer Code!

"God is master over all things, even stubborn Linux issues."  This is what I would remind myself of as we worked to customize the operating system and make it just right for the CCS student computers. We started with an educational version of the Linux Ubuntu operating system called "Ubermix" and then tweaked and modified and adapted until it was just right. This week the students started using it and, so far, it seems to be working great!  Why switch?  Our computers were running Windows XP, which came to the end of its life (and was no longer supported by Microsoft) last spring.  As both a financial savings, and a deliberate decision to use open source software to expand students' chances to learn more, we chose to make the switch.

And how does God work in something as "unholy" as computers? He shows Himself in all things: finding the answer to a tenacious programming problem on page two of an Ubuntu forum comment, providing two amazing 8th grade boys to help set up computers in the summer, seating one of those boys at the exact computer that needed to be fixed when he came into his computer class (and he knew just how to fix it!).  Yes, God is master over all things.