Thursday, February 16, 2017

Internet Transparency

Here at our school we feel it is important to teach students responsible use of the internet. We start this instruction at the elementary level, and it is something that students are reminded of all the way through their time here. We also filter and monitor student internet activity when they are here on campus or are using one of the school Chromebooks because we believe that kind of transparency helps to hold students accountable.

One of the ways that we filter and monitor students’ online activities at CCS is through a service called Securly. At the beginning of the year, we rolled out a pilot program for parents of middle school and high school students to receive emails informing them of student internet activity. As of the beginning of February, Securly has rolled out a new Parent Portal which provides more details on students’ online activities. We feel that it is important for parents to be able to see what their students are doing while online. Parents who sign up will receive weekly email summaries and the ability to log in to the Parent Portal to see students' online activity at any time. Any parent of a middle or high school student can have access to this very helpful tool by filling out the form found HERE or contacting Mrs. Lodge directly.

This is an example of what a parent email would look like: