Monday, August 31, 2015

Change is good!

Every new year brings new changes. This year we moved the middle school computer lab to the elementary school. How exciting for elementary teachers to have easy access to a lab where they can take their students to do research, write, and create!

Elementary Computer Lab
The middle school classrooms now have netbooks and Chromebooks in easy-to-access wall racks. Students will be able to grab a device and interact with the lesson material in many different ways. Quick assessments can be made by teachers as the lesson progresses. Collaboration, creation, thinking, problem solving, and communication will be enhanced with the use of these computers.

Middle school and high school teachers will be using Google Classroom for assignments so that students can access their work from anywhere and turn in their work online. No more problems with forgetting homework or leaving it on the bus. A student can easily start something at school and finish it at home.

So, it's good!  All good! Changing, learning, growing.