Friday, September 16, 2016

They Arrived!

Although tenth and eleventh graders started the year with Chromebooks, most of which were awarded through a grant last year, CCS ninth graders have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their Chromebooks since the first day of school. This week, THEY CAME! New devices need some preparation before being distributed, but this process was sped up with some long work days and a little help from the Intro to Computer Science students. On Thursday morning before classes began, freshmen were given their new computers.

Chromebooks allow our students to easily access information that they need for research, assignments in Google Classroom, grades in RenWeb, and documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows in Google Drive. They look ready to go, don't they?!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Oh No! My Chromebook!

It's inevitable. Technology gets broken. That is why we instituted an In-House Chromebook Insurance Policy. Built into the technology fee for each student in a grade that gets a Chromebook, is a contribution to our in-house insurance. So when someone forgets that his Chromebook is beside him, and leans too hard on it with his elbow... we can replace the screen at no charge to the student. We do simple repairs such as screen replacement right here on campus. More complicated repairs may need to be sent back to the manufacturer. We never want anyone to become frantic over an accidental break. We even have loaners for students if the repair is going to take some time. Forgiveness is free!

This was not a happy day...