Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015: A Chromebook Odyssey

I have some very exciting news regarding technology here at CCS. I wanted to be sure I had all the details before writing this post. It all started last spring when our Development Director at that time discovered a grant that was being offered to receive Chromebooks for classrooms.

Chromebooks are small laptops that are very easy for students to use. Students simply sign in to the laptop with their school email address and all of their documents, websites, and Google classroom information is instantly available!

We shared with EdTechTeam, the organization offering the grant, the reasons why we wanted the Chromebooks and submitted a video as was required by the grant. Then we waited. A few weeks ago I received an email from EdTechTeam. Out of hundreds that had applied for the grant, we were one of three winners for the second quarter of the year! I had a video conversation with the president and CEO of the company, and he agreed to give us enough for every 9th and 10th grader at CCS to have a Chromebook! That is a total of 53 of these incredible devices. Our longterm goal is for each high school student to have one.

A huge thank you to Anthony Alexander in 9th grade for catching the vision that I presented to him and being the solo actor in the winning video! Check it out below.