Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Came Early

Christmas came early to the ninth and tenth graders this year. In the first week of November, all freshmen and sophomores received their very own computers to use for schoolwork. In the past month, teachers and students have been enjoying the ease of access and quick response time of the Dell Chromebooks that our school received as a result of a grant. Students take their Chromebooks home with them and have them available in each class for research, writing, creating, collaborating, and studying. The seamless integration with Google Classroom has been fantastic for all involved. When asked how things are going with their new devices, ninth and tenth grade replies include:
"It's great having a Chromebook in school because it's easier learning. Since I'm in high school, there are many papers/essays I have to do. So it's nice having my own Chromebook to work on the assignments."
"What I like best about having the Chromebook is that I can send my teachers the homework I have done."
"I like being able to use it at home when I can't use our home computer. I like being able to relax while I type my papers/essays."
"It's fast and easy to use." 
"I really enjoy it! It's a great tool!" 
"I like that, since it is a Chromebook, you don't have to search on Google for Google docs, drive, etc. You can use the search key and search up anything on Google and get to your Google apps much faster and more easily. I also like that if you put the screen down, the document is still up when you go on the Chromebook again. " 
"I like how we can work on the computers without coming to the computer lab." 

Chromebooks have arrived!