Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Digital Citizenship

Here at CCS all students in grades 4 through 8 receive computer instruction on a variety of relevant topics such as: using different types of software, learning and improving typing skills, creating content, and participating in interactive online activities.  One important area of our curriculum is Digital Citizenship, teaching students how to be good digital citizens in today's connected world.  This includes lessons on privacy & security, digital footprint, cyber-bullying, information literacy, internet safety, and copyright. We use materials from Common Sense Media which are timely and appropriate for each grade level.  A new addition to our faculty, Mrs. Melissa Beagle, is teaching those computer classes this year. However, digital citizenship is not just for school.  It is important, also, for parents at all levels to keep the dialogue open at home about the many decisions we all have to make when we use our connected devices and interact with the media all around us.  You might enjoy the Back-to-School page at the Common Sense Media site!