Monday, December 8, 2014

Hour of Code

Every day this week, elementary students and some middle school students will be participating in this year's "Hour of Code" and will be exposed to fundamentals of computer coding. This is the second year that CCS has participated in the "Hour of Code," and this year grades K-3 will be using the elementary iPads to learn some of the logic and sequencing necessary for computer coding by creating commands for fuzzy creatures to follow in an app called "Kodable." Grades 4, 5, and 7 will incorporate the "Hour of Code" into their regular computer classes.

As CCS is ever moving forward in technology (we now have a computer programming class for high school and are introducing more programming at the lower levels) being one of 76,877 Hour of Code events around the world is just one part of our technology growth.  We hope that our students will become excited about the possibilities and will improve their logic and thinking in the process!

Check out the Hour of Code website at and try some of the activities for yourself! Check back for an update after the week is over.

Last year's coders had a great time! >>>>